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EZ SPA Usage Questions

Q: I have the hot spring’s Sumatran spa. Its 310 gallons, and I and one other person are the only people who use it. We shower before each use and my question is this: since EZ SPA is fairly pricey, can we get away with using less than 1oz per 100 gallons? 
A: We recommend the weekly dosage amount of 1oz per 100 gallons, so I your tub you would use approx 3oz weekly, you can lower that to 2oz weekly with weekly filter cleaning with garden hose. A 2# bottle of EZ Spa will last you for 16wks. Whenever you have a heavy bather load you can add a couple extra scoops. 

Q: When on EZ SPA how often should I clean my filter? And how long should my filter last? 
A: You should clean your filter, at the very least, one time per month depending on use, if you use it every day you should clean it probably every two weeks. Filters should be replaced about every 12 to 18 months. You do not need to chemically clean the filter because easy sap does not leave a gunky residual. If for some reason the filter is really nasty then you can chemically clean it but for the most part hose spraying out the filter will clean it nicely 

Q: I purchased EZ SPA Total Care and E-Z BOOST. My question is on the E-Z BOOST product, should I be seeing a chlorine residual on my test strips? I was using brominating tablets but we hated the smell and its seemed to make us break out so I was excited to try the E-Z BOOST instead. However, I am nervous because I was told I should always have either a bromine or chlorine residual in the tub for disinfection purposes. I was instructed to use a scoop of the TOTAL CARE weekly and a capful of the E-Z BOOST every other week. I have a small 2 seat hot tub, 175 gallons. 
A: The directions you were instructed by your dealer are correct and you will see a low Free Chlorine reading (1-2ppm) for a day or two after the addition of E-Z BOOST. You will see a Total Chlorine reading around 1ppm the rest of the time. 

Q: I recently purchased a new spa and it came with the EZ SPA Care Kit. I’ve had no problems but I am confused about E-Z BOOST addition. The spa manual states to add chlorine after each use and daily to maintain 3-5ppm. EZ SPA directions are to add EZ BOOST weekly. Chlorine will measure zero after about 24 hours, please help me understand the difference in recommendations between EZ SPA and the spa manufacturer. 
A: The EZ SPA system is an alternative to traditional chlorine based systems. The EZ SPA Total Care replaces the need for chlorine additions after every use. Thus cutting down chlorine usage by approximately 90%. Total Care and Boost together replace the need to maintain chlorine at 3-5ppm, thus creating a less harsh and more enjoyable spa experience. 

Q: I currently have a spa with an ozonator and I use dichlor and a silver ion cartridge filter – can I switch to EZ SPA without draining my spa? Can I leave the ion filter in? 
A: EZ Spa is compatible with the silver ion product. It is ok to start using EZ Spa without draining, however we do recommend draining the current water to eliminate all the chemicals your are currently using and to take full advantage of the pristine water quality that Ez Spa provides for your hot tub. Please make sure that your water is balanced according to the directions for use on the bottle. Consult your retail supplier or APi should you have any additional questions[/wp-members]