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EZ SPA Testing Questions

Q: What test strips do you recommend for EZ Spa products?
A: The test strips in our EZ SPA Kits are Insta-TEST 5 Plus by Lamotte but any strip that measures pH, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness and Total Chlorine will do.

Q: I have just started using the EZ SPA chemicals and was wondering what I need to be testing for on the test strips. I need to buy some new ones and not sure what all I need to be testing for.
A: You can test for EZ SPA with any standard 5 Way test strip. EZ SPA will show up as Total Chlorine/Total Oxidizer anything .5ppm or higher will indicate sufficient EZ SPA in the water. You should have no problems with EZ SPA as long as you add the recommend weekly dosage. We do recommend that you bring a water sample monthly into your local EZ SPA dealer.

Q: Customer added 3 times as much EZ SPA Start than what is recommended and wants to know if it’s still safe for the customer to use the spa.
A: The customer is able to use hot tub with any amount of EZ SPA Start. It will not hurt the skin and customer will need to rinse filter once a day for 3 days in order to remove the START.