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EZ SPA General Questions

Q: What is EZ SPA? 
A: EZ SPA is a proprietary, multi-function granular compound for spa water care. It combines a clarifying agent, stable oxidizer, scale inhibitor, water conditioner and balancers (pH, TA and CH) – all in the same bottle! Spa water treated with EZ SPA remains scale and foam free. The convenient, once-a-week application allows spa owners to spend more time enjoying the spa and less time troubleshooting and maintaining it. EZ SPA is compatible with ozone and mineral purifiers as well as balancers and traditional sanitizers (chlorine and bromine). 

Q: How does EZ SPA work? 
A: EZ SPA is simple to use. Its concentrated formula oxidizes contaminants, conditions and clarifies, inhibits scale and foam, and maintains water balance. After the initial water balance, add EZ SPA just once-a-week with E-Z SPA BOOST™ for clean, clear spa water. 

Q: Why is EZ SPA better than other products? 
A: Other spa chemical lines are based on reactive science: wait until you have a problem, attempt to diagnose with complicated testing, and then treat by adding a multitude of chemicals that might fix the problem. EZ SPA works on PROACTIVE science: you actually prevent water problems (foaming, odors, pH imbalance, cloudiness) rather than adding more chemicals to treat them after they occur. 

Q: What is included in the EZ SPA CARE KIT? 
A: The spa care kit includes: EZ SPA (1 lb.), EZ SPA START (8 fl oz.), EZ SPA BOOST (1 lb.), EZ SPA CAL (1 lb.), EZ SPA UP (1 lb.), EZ SPA DOWN (1.5 lb.), test strips and a measuring scoop. 

Q: I am using EZ SPA. Do I need to add a stain and scale inhibiter and a metal protector or does your product contain this? We use well water with a softener. 
A: Part of the EZ SPA program is using EZ START upon filling the spa; this will remove most metals and minerals. EZ SPA does contain an effective maintenance dose of stain and scale. Under normal circumstances this stain and scale is strong enough to inhibit any staining or scaling that may develop. In certain situations, like using well water, the amount of metals and minerals may overwhelm the inhibitor, depending on how many are present in the fill water. To contain this, use EZ SPA as normal and if you see scale or stain start to develop use EZ START to clean the remaining metals and minerals out the water. 

Q: How can I tell the expiration dates on EZ cal, EZ up, EZ Down, EZ SPA? 
A: There’s isn’t an expiration date, however, EZ SPA’s effectiveness start to diminish after 2 years. The other products remain stable if stored in dry environment.[/wp-members]