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E-Z POOL Troubleshooting High Copper

Q: I have used E-Z POOL for 2 years now and this spring my water was tested and showed high in copper (1.53). I have tried using “metal out” twice and the copper is coming down but very slowly (1.36 current). We also did a partial drain and fill. We are using well water. The well water was tested and copper levels are fine (.26). What has caused the copper to rise and what can I do to speed the process up? 
A: Copper is compounded from evaporation and fill water. “Metal Out” style products keep copper in suspension (dissolved) so that they don’t cause stains but they do not remove copper without help. The best course of action when there is copper in the water is to use our product REVIVE!. The REVIVE! product (follow the directions on the bottle) will capture the copper and drop it out of solution and to the pool floor where it can be vacuumed to waste. This is the easiest and fastest way to remove copper. For best results, keep some REVIVE! on hand for whenever you add well water to the pool. Spray it over the top twice and the REVIVE! will remove the copper from the fill water and put it into the filter for you. 

Q: Do I need to correct the copper problem before correcting the pH level and alkalinity? 
A: Having the pH and Alkalinity within proper parameters is always a good idea. If the pH and Alkalinity are low then treat the copper right away because this will be the best chance that the copper will be in solution (dissolved). If the pH and Alkalinity are high then the copper will most likely drop out of solution and cause staining. If this is the case, get the Alkalinity and pH under control, remove the stains with Ascorbic acid (or whatever stain removal product you like) and then treat immediately after with REVIVE! to remove the stain causing metals.[/wp-members]