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E-Z POOL Troubleshooting Green Residue

Q: I have noticed a build-up of a green residue on each of the filters enough to raise the pressure from 20″ to 28″ (indicating a need for cleaning). When cleaning thoroughly with filter cleaner solution and a filter cleaning water jet, the residue that washes off remains green when dry. My concern is why the build-up of the green residue on the filters (there is no algae problem)? Am I using too much or is this build up a natural consequence of using E-Z pool. Could this residue be un-dissolved copper from the E-Z pool application? If there is a remedy, I would be most anxious to know if there is–nevertheless, the filters get a thorough cleaning anytime the pressure exceeds 28″ or once a year whichever occurs first. 
A: The build-up of debris in your filter is very normal. E-Z POOL has 8 chemicals in one and one of the products is a clarifier. So our product cleans the water not bleaching the water like traditional chlorine. Your water stays more clean and clear because of this. We also recommend that when clean your filters you use an acid based filter cleaner, not degreaser. The acid will remove all impurities better.