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E-Z POOL Troubleshooting Green Hair

Q: My three children have blonde hair that turns green after swimming in our pool. I was informed by my pool store that this can be caused by chlorine. I was using chlorine in the pool last year – and upon my pool guys “options” was your product – which has kept my water great all year this year. However, my children’s’ hair is still turning a shade of green. What should I do to keep this from happening or should I not use your product. 
A: Green hair is caused by oxidized copper. Typically copper gets oxidized by chlorine, so, in a sense, your pool store was right, to a certain extent. Copper can enter the pool from a variety of ways, source water (especially well water), degrading heat exchanger in a gas heater, certain algaecides, cross contamination from natural bodies of water, or other chemicals which utilize any kind of copper.
E-Z POOL does contain a low level of copper, 1.6%, but E-Z POOL is designed to clean up after itself, meaning, we have taken into consideration this low level of copper and have added two other proactive chemicals to be sure that the copper is not an issue. So, in essence, E-Z POOL is designed not to leave copper in the water, but trapped in the filter, once it has served its purpose. There are a few situations where this does not happen as well as we would like it: 
1) Seeing that you were already having trouble with green hair before starting E-Z POOL, the mostly likely situation is that you already had copper in the water prior to using E-Z POOL. The easiest way to remove copper from the water, (instead of most products that use a chemical to keep it dissolved but doesn’t remove it), is to use our product REVIVE! which will drop copper and other metals, organics, and phosphates to the floor for vacuuming to waste which will then remove any excess copper (up to 2ppm) from the pool water. 
2) If the pH gets exorbitantly high (>7.9) the copper comes out of solution and adheres to the easiest thing it can, if your children happen to be swimming at that time, their hair is a great place for the copper to adhere. 
3) If you Calcium Hardness is low (less than 350ppm) E-Z POOL does not stay in solution as long as designed which can cause different chemicals within E-Z POOL to drop out prematurely. 
4) You may be using too much E-Z POOL on a weekly basis. This can happen if you do not know the true gallonage of your pool and are unknowingly added more E-Z POOL than what is required or you may be filling the E-Z POOL scoop to the top rather than the fill line. This can also happen if you have a safety (or other) cover that is mostly closed, when a pool is covered E-Z POOL stays in the pool longer and therefore you don’t need as much. This is easily remedied, just cut down a scoop per week and add an additional tablet instead. So in conclusion, have the pool store check for copper, if there is a reading higher than 0, treat with REVIVE! by following directions on the bottle. Also, have the pool store check the balance to be sure that the pH and calcium hardness are at the proper levels. If needed, adjust to E-Z POOL parameters: 
pH: 7.2 – 7.6 
TA: 80-120 (aim for 100) 
Calcium Hardness: 350 minimum 
And take the true measurements of your pool with you so that the store can be sure that you have the true pool gallonage and readjust your weekly dosage of E-Z POOL if necessary.