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E-Z POOL Troubleshooting Cloudy Water

Q: What caused my pool water to cloud?
A: This is typically attributable to poor filtration since E-Z POOL contains a clarifier. If your “E-Z” pool is cloudy, perform the following steps:
1. Check the filter. The filter media should be cleaned, backwashed or replaced. Run the filter continuously when trouble shooting for cloudy water. Frequent filter clearing helps clean the water faster.
2. Check the pump timer. The pump should be circulating a minimum of 12 hours per day during the swim season or 6 hours per day during the off-season.
3. Test sanitizer level. If the sanitizer level is too low (below 1.0 ppm), there is not sufficient chemical available to oxidize the matter that is suspended in the pool. Adjust as needed.
4. Test water balance. If the pH, total alkalinity or calcium levels are out or range, cloudiness may occur. If needed, adjust prior to applying E-Z POOL.

Q: My pool is cloudy, but when I add E-Z POOL on my E-Z DAY it clears up but then the next week it’s cloudy again on my E-Z DAY.
A: Low calcium. When the calcium is low, E-Z POOL doesn’t last as long as it should hence the cloudy water. Adjust calcium prior to apply E-Z POOL.

Q: I’ve been using E-Z POOL for 7 years now, very happy with it, my water is a little cloudy, can’t remember what I did to clear it when it happened a few years back, any ideas?
A: It could be many things including balance out of range, low calcium, dirty filter, etc. To better determine please take a water sample to your authorized dealer.