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E-Z POOL Testing Questions

Q: How do I make sure there is an effective residual amount of E-Z POOL? Is there a test for it? 
A: Use a test strip that checks for Total Chlorine (TC) this actually tests for all the oxidizer in the water, whether chlorine or not, and E-Z POOL will show up on the TC test. Your reading should be between 1-3 Total Chlorine and under .5 of Free Chlorine, for an E-Z POOL pool, this is normal. If the reading is higher than 3, cut back on a scoop for a couple weeks, if it is below 1 then add an extra scoop for a couple weeks. 

Q: Do we use just use the normal testing kits? 
A: The normal test strips will work but the best thing to do will be bringing a water sample to your local dealer so the dealer can test this in the store. 

Q: On the E-Z POOL buckets reference to E-Z POOL 4 in 1 Test Strips. The local dealers do not seem to have these. Are there actually such strips and, if so, where can I buy them? 
A: Your E-Z POOL dealer likely has another brand of test strips available – be sure they can test the following: 
– pH 
– Total Alkalinity 
– Calcium Hardness 
– Total Chlorine 

Q: On the side of E-Z POOL it says that a test strip can test for oxidation and bromine, is there a certain type of test strip for this? 
A:APi had test strips at one time, now we recommend any test strips that check total chlorine and calcium hardness (aqua check 7 or Lamotte Insta-Test 5 Plus) 

Q: Can I use my baquacil test strips to test my pool now that I’ve switched to E-Z POOL? They test pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness. 
A: It’s best to use 5 way test strips, this will test for: 
Free Chlorine – this doesn’t matter for E-Z POOL 
Total Chlorine – this test for E-Z POOL and should be kept between .5 to 5ppm 
Total Alkalinity: which should be 80-120ppm for E-Z POOL 
Calcium Hardness: which should be a minimum of 350 for E-Z POOL 
pH: which should be between 7.2 to 7.8 for E-Z POOL 
We recommend testing only monthly after initial balance of pool water.