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E-Z POOL Salt Pool Questions

Q: Can E-Z POOL be used effectively with a pool that has a salt water system and a vinyl liner?
A: E-Z POOL is compatible with chlorine generator/salt systems. In fact, E-Z Pool can actually contribute to the longevity of the cell by inhibiting scale, corrosion and impurities. E-Z Pool will do all the great things it does in a traditional pool – maintain proper balance ranges, actively prevent algae growth, etc. – in a chlorine generator/salt system pool. E-Z Pool will also optimize chlorine use, maximizing effectiveness, and keeping pool water crystal clear all season long. Please consult an Authorized Dealer for E-Z Pool start-up instructions. For reference, please see chart below indicating the usage parameters for E-Z Pool in conjunction with a salt system.

Dosage with Chlorine Generators (Salt)

In-Ground Pools

Pool Size Estimated Gallons E-Z POOL Dosage Per Week
12 x 24 Rect. 8,100 gal. 1 scoop
14 x 26 Rect. 10,250 gal. 1.5 scoops
16 x 32 Rect. 18,350 gal. 2 scoops
18 x 36 Rect. 22,400 gal. 2.5 scoops
20 x 40 Rect. 28,800 gal. 3 scoops
17 x 35 Oval 19,500 gal. 2.5 scoops
21 x 41 Oval 27,800 gal. 3 scoops

Above Ground Pools

Pool Size Estimated Gallons E-Z POOL Dosage Per Week
15 ft. Round 5,738 gal. 1 scoop
18 ft. Round 8,232 gal. 1 scoop
21 ft. Round 12,214 gal. 1.5 scoops
24 ft. Round 14,650 gal. 2 scoops
27 ft. Round 18,559 gal. 2 scoops
30 ft. Round 21,000 gal. 2.5 scoops
33 ft. Round 25,600 gal. 3 scoops
15 x 30 Oval 13,029 gal. 1.5 scoops
18 x 33 Oval 16,866 gal. 2 scoops

Q: I have an Aquarite chlorine generator on a 28K gallon in-ground pool. Your in-ground pool chart says to add 6 scoops of EZ pool per week, but another chart says 3 scoops for salt water pools. Is 3 scoops enough for my pool? Why is that? Will it be as effective in keeping my pool balanced?
A: You are correct in noticing that E-Z Pool dosage is different for a pool assisted with a chlorine generator; that’s why you saw two different charts. A typical 28k gallon in-ground pool would need 6 scoops, while a pool with a chlorine generator needs only 3. So yes, 3 scoops of E-Z Pool is what you should be adding weekly.
The dosage requirement is less with chlorine generators because the salt/chlorine is doing a lot of the maintenance “work” so-to-speak. See, your generator works to maintain chlorine in the pool – but that’s only half the battle. Chlorine will not maintain the balance ranges and would otherwise still require regular balance adjustments. E-Z Pool is a great fit because it does maintain water balance, and additionally oxidizes contaminants and prevents algae when used as directed. In essence, the generator provides the sanitizing power and E-Z Pool provides the balancing act. Together, you get clean, clear, balanced water with a simple weekly regimen.
Of course, you should still test your water on a regular basis, as anything from heat to rain can affect the balance, but yes, as a maintenance program E-Z Pool will definitely help you maintain all the proper levels.