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E-Z POOL General Questions

Q: What is E-Z POOL? 
A: E-Z POOL is a proprietary, multi-function granular compound that simplifies swimming pool water care. It combines an algae shield, stable oxidizer, clarifier, scale inhibitor, and balancing agents – all in ONE product! The convenient, once-a-week application takes only minutes to keep your swimming pool water clean, clear and trouble-free. E-Z POOL is compatible with salt, chlorine, bromine, ozone and UV systems. Simple pool water care… just once-a-week! 

Q: How does E-Z POOL work? 
A: E-Z POOL is simple to use. Immediately after adding to the pool, the fast-dissolving formula starts to work by oxidizing contaminants, preventing algae, conditioning and clarifying, inhibiting scale and maintaining overall water balance. E-Z POOL effectively manages pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness with just a once-a-week application. Because E-Z POOL keeps the water clean, clear and balanced, your sanitizer is more efficient and you use fewer chemicals! Note: E-Z POOL is not compatible with biguanide pools. Use FLIP OUT™ to convert to a halogen-based sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) and replace filter medium. 

Q: Why is E-Z POOL better than other products? 
A: Simply stated. . . there is no comparison! Traditional water maintenance programs require a multitude of chemicals and frequent testing in an attempt to achieve balance and clarity. These programs are based on reactive science: wait until you have a problem, attempt to diagnose with complicated testing, and then treat by adding a multitude of chemicals that might fix the problem. E-Z POOL works on PROACTIVE science: you actually prevent water problems (algae, organic contaminants, pH imbalance, scale) rather than adding more chemicals to treat them after they occur. 

Q: What is the benefit of using E-Z POOL? Does it eliminate the need for using chlorine, shock, pH correctors, etc? I understand that it only needs to be added one time a week. Our pool is very, very well taken care of, but when excessive heat and/or rain occur, then additional chemicals need to be added. With your product, will this also be the case? 
A: The benefit of it is to lower the amount of chlorine that you need and the maintenance is much, much easier because we are adding everything that you would normally need at one time. It eliminates everything but chlorine tablets. Chlorine tablets are at least 1 tablet per 10,000 gallons per week. With any dilution comes the possibility of needing other chemicals but for the most part you will not need to supplement E-Z POOL unless there is a lot of rain or a huge party or something like that. 

Q: Does E-Z POOL contain a Stabilizer to protect added chlorine from the sun? 
A: E-Z POOL does not require additional stabilizer (CYA) as all that is needed is provided by the stabilized chlorine sanitizer (tabs). 

Q: Does E-Z POOL for pools contain copper sulphate? Also, will it help eliminate nitrates? 
A: Yes, E-Z POOL contains 1.6% copper sulfate as the algae shield property and is listed on the front label. The only way to reduce nitrates in a swimming pool is to drain and refill with water free of nitrates. Phosphates can be removed and we offer a product for that purpose – REVIVE!. Your E-Z POOL dealer should have this in stock. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime. 

Q: Does E-Z POOL or REVIVE! have copper or any other metals in it? 
A: REVIVE! does not contain any metals, in fact, it removes metals from water. E-Z POOL utilizes copper sulfate as its algaecide which represents 1.6% of the total compounds blended in the product. 

Q: What is the shelf life of E-Z POOL? 
A: At least five years. Its best to keep it dry and avoid condensation. If it gets hard, it’s still as effective just harder to work with. 

Q: If product turns white is it still good? Also if it get hard can it be broken up and used? 
A: While it will still work if broken up, it is not as effective as fresh product. Open it up outside and wear safety gear when breaking it up, you don’t want any of it going in your eye or mouth. 

Q: Does the E-Z POOL work against the black algae? 
A: This is a relative question. If it is black algae (as opposed to liner mold or oxidized manganese) then yes, E-Z POOL continuously bombards present algae until it is killed and dissipates. That’s the great thing about having such a strong (triple action!) algaecide blended in to it. Black algae typically forms in older cement/marcite/gunite pools that have started to deteriorate. Black algae is hard to remove because it has roots that get in to porous surfaces and a hard shell that protects the main body from chlorine and typical algaecides. E-Z POOL has a chemical in it that destroys the shell and the algaecide which kills the body and then the roots.