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E-Z POOL Balancing pH Questions

Q: My pool’s pH was too high. I added about six oz. of Muriatic acid last night with no change today. What do you think I should do next? 
A: Typically, when adjusting balance parameters, it’s standard to 
1) test your water 
2) add the component to change the balance [in this case, muriatic acid] 
3) allow it to circulate (this is important before next step), and then re-test. This process can be repeated until you reach the correct pH level. 
As mentioned on the phone, we always encourage consumers to consult a dealer during the process of changing your balance so that they can help you calculate the changes you should be making. Also as mentioned, once you achieve this balance initially, E-Z Pool will maintain it for you every week. 
Just a reminder the balance should be as follows: 
• Calcium Hardness: 350 ppm (minimum) 
• pH: 7.2 – 7.6 
• Total Alkalinity: 80-120 ppm 

Q: Can I use muriatic acid and borax to adjust the pH? 
A: Get Alkalinity in range first and the pH will usually fall in line a day or two later. If not, then use Muriatic Acid (down) or Borax (up).