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E-Z POOL Balancing Calcium Questions

Q: I just started E-Z POOL and have my pH and total alkalinity within the parameters for E-Z POOL, except my Calcium Hardness is only around 200. What’s the best way to bring up the CH? I know it needs to be at the minimum 350 but what’s the maximum? 
A: The calcium hardness can be raised by adding calcium hardness increaser, follow the directions on the back of the product, (at a rate of 2 lbs per 10,000 gallons every hour or two will increase 10ppm). The calcium should be between 350 and 800ppm or so. It just really need to be above 350ppm, the 800ppm is for areas where calcium hardness in the tap water is that high already. 

Q: What happens if the calcium is too low and we are using E-Z POOL? Also, what if the calcium or any other tests go off balance during use of E-Z POOL? Is this a major concern or just rebalance? 
A: If the calcium is too low the E-Z POOL will not last as long as it could (7-10 days). The other problem that may occur is that blonde hair may get a touch of green; I say may because this hardly happens but it can if other parameters are off as well. Re-balance as necessary for the best results. 

Q: I understand it’s important to keep calcium levels up in a concrete pool. What calcium levels should I try to maintain in order to preserve the old pool and still benefit from your product? 
A: Minimum Calcium Hardness level is 350ppm, we don’t care how much high it is, it needs to at least be 350ppm. This will make E-Z POOL more efficient and longer lasting while simultaneously protecting the pool surface from ongoing degradation.